Your career – it’s about you

Young businesswoman

The hard career questions – with a smile!

Career direction
What to do, how, when, where … and why.

Career assessment
Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, Strong Interest Inventory.

Course selection
University and TAFE – the right course at the right place.

CV writing
We write it or teach you how to do it, ATS and SEO ready.

Cover letter
Stand out with an effective first impression.

Selection criteria
For all occupations and sectors.

Accredited career assessment

Accredited career assessment speeds up career change at every career stage.

LinkedIn profiles
The best profile so employers contact you.

Matrix Method
Job search strategy and job targeting.

Interview skills
A personal program based on your job description.

Case interviews
Business case interviews for finance industry jobs.

Assessment centres
Training in how to operate on the day.

Online job applications
How to get through the screening process.

How to start your career the right way.

Build an effective strategy to connect.

The next steps to build your career.

As we’re a Melbourne CBD career counselling service we work with all the professional roles, occupations and careers in this thriving professional hub. For those who are just graduating – we work every day with the professionals you aspire to become.