The Australian Career Book Award – Finalist Books

The Finalist Books for 2019 have been determined, and will now be reviewed by the Award Committee to decide the awarded book.

Clarke, Andrea. 2018. Future fit – how to stay relevant and competitive in the future of work, Major Street Publishing

de Crespigny, Richard. Fly! – life lessons from the cockpit of QF 32, Penguin

Ellson, Sue. 2019. Gigsters – any age or ability employees, experts and entrepreneurs. 120 Ways Publishing

Gerrish, Robert. 2018. The 1 minute commute, Pan Macmillan

Jackson, Kathryn. 2019. Resilience at work – practical tools for career success, Routledge

Smith, Greg. 2018. Career conversations, Wiley


Congratulations to the writers and their publishers.

Australian Career Book Award 2019